How swimming pools and hot tubs help children

We have all heard numerous stories about the dangers of swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. The stories out there are enough to make you want to keep your child off such settings using all manners of techniques at your disposal. However, when used in the right way, swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas offer more benefits to your child than harm, and there are various advantages to letting them have a splash in the water now and then.

Swimming pools

Over time, schools have put up swimming pools in their compounds, and you may wonder what is causing so much fuss. The education heads finally realize that swimming is not just an activity designed for fun but instead, it comes bearing significant health and social benefits for children. So, how do children benefit from using swimming pools?

Safety - Swimming pools provide an incredible arena where you can teach your child to swim, a skill that can come in handy in case they ever get stranded in a water body. You also get to teach them how to stay safe while swimming by teaching them the regulations and showing them how to behave in a swimming pool. Diving causes a lot of accidents which are preventable if the people diving know how to go about the process correctly. You get to teach them the right way to dive and how to gauge the depth of the water to determine its suitability for diving. Studies show that children who swim often have more significant swimming skills than those who do not and this enables them to be safer in water. You get to relax and have peace of mind when your child is an excellent swimmer. However, you still need to supervise their activities while swimming.

Health - Swimming is an excellent way for your child to exercise and it helps them become healthier in the process. When your child engages in swimming, their cardiovascular fitness gets enhanced, and they get to have a total body workout. Being in good health decreases their exposure to lifestyle diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Getting your kid active enables them to have fun and enjoy fresh air which contributes positively to their general well-being.

Bonding - Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to bring the family together. As you teach your child to swim, you get to strengthen your connection with them as you learn more about each other. A swimming pool is also a great place where the whole family can gather to relax after a long week, enabling members of the family to stay updated on each other’s lives. Playing games also help with the bonding process, and this is important for the emotional growth of your child.

baby bathing

Social links - When your child is having fun in the pool, it gets easier for them to interact with the people around and this helps them learn social skills. Your kid can hang out with their friends in the pool as they play games and swap stories which can instill confidence in your child. The great thing about having a swimming pool in your backyard is that it becomes a popular destination for your kid’s friends. The company goes a long way in helping them learn how to share, interact with others as well as how to solve conflicts when they arise.

Entertainment - People love pool parties and your kid also will. Planning kids’ parties can be quite a hassle as you try to locate an ideal venue, great suppliers as well as any other thing that can help the process run smoothly. With a pool right outside your house, you no longer have to stress about the venue. You can have the party right by your pool, and the event will be a hit provided that you come up with a great theme. The theme part should be a breeze given the numerous options available to you ranging from Finding Nemo all the way to pirates. No matter how old your child is, a pool party is a great idea. Be sure to supervise the activities around the pool to ensure that no accidents take place and ruin the fun.

Competition - By having your child play games in the swimming pool where they get to compete with others, you can teach them about fair competition. Lessons such as handling losing and teamwork can get passed on while in the water. Other traits that your child can pick up through swimming include but are not limited to strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Spa procedures

The benefits of hot tubs and spas

Before you allow your child into a hot tub or spa, consult your doctor. As long as you pay attention to your child while they are in the hot tub, no harm will come to them. There are benefits your child can derive from such set-ups, enabling them to lead a healthier life.

Relaxation - Even children get stressed out in life, and they too need a way to relax after a long week. Have them use the hot tub once in a while, and you will see the changes that take place thanks to it. When a child gets into the warm water, their blood vessels dilate, and the tension in their body decreases, allowing an increase in the production of feel-good hormones. The buoyancy effect of water gives them a feeling similar to that of floating in space and the jets in the hot tub give them a light massage. The feelings your child experiences in the hot tub help them in reducing their stress levels, and this lowers their chances of hypertension. The two of you can bond while relaxing, giving them a lift in their mood.

Healing injuries - If your child plays a sport, it is likely that they can get hurt in the process. Dipping in the hot tub improves the circulation of blood in the injured region and helps the healing process take place at a faster rate. This treatment should not get used in the case of open wounds as they can get infected.

Pain relief - Warm water loosens up muscles, making it easier for stiff joints to move and this brings about pain relief. If your child is experiencing pain in the joints, you can use this as a home remedy. Be sure to consult your doctor before trying anything. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas are great places to use for bonding with your child as you both get to relax and exercise. If the appropriate amount of caution gets observed as you use such facilities, your child’s safety will not get threatened. The Rubik's Cube is the perfect gift for any occasion. The famous 3D puzzle can easily be solved with the online solver, there's no need to memorize algorithms.