Recommended swimming pools for children

Getting a swimming pool for your kid is an excellent idea as they will have a place to cool off when the weather gets too hot. In addition to this, they also get to learn how to swim at an early age, and this contributes to their safety in the water. Before you get a pool for your kid, there are factors that you should take into consideration.

Mother and children playing in the pool

Guidelines on buying swimming pools for kids

Material - A kid pool should either be inflatable, soft or manufactured with the use of hard plastic. The latter last longer, and they are made using type two or type four plastics which are stronger. It makes sense to buy a durable product that you can use for years before they graduate to a more significant pool.

Depth - If you are getting a pool for a toddler, get one that is very shallow. No matter what happens, never leave a toddler unsupervised in a swimming pool. For older children, you can use a broader pool, and the supervision guideline still applies. The depth, however, should not exceed three feet and the width should be no more than fifteen feet.

Systems in place - Make sure that the swimming pool does not have an infiltration system and that the design used targets children. The lack of such a system provides safety to your child, and you do not have to worry about drain plugs trapping your child underneath the water. That having gotten said, we can now head on to the best children’s pools there are on the market. All the swimming pools in the list meet the requirements stated above, and as such, they are suitable for your child.

INTEX Inflatable Kids Rainbow Ring Water Play Center

The pool comes with dimensions of 117”*53”*76 which is adequate playing space for your child. You need not buy many toys for your child when you get this pool as it comes with four inflatable rings for use as toys as well as a water sprayer and six plastic balls. The pool also comes with a slide where your child can spend hours sliding down and climbing back up again.

What’s hot about it - This kid pool is one of the highest rated children’s swimming pools. The design used works for children who are quite stable in water but are not ready to venture into the deeper waters of a standard pool. The pool depth is more than the recommended four inches and is not suitable for toddlers who are just beginning to get used to the idea of swimming pools.

Pros - The pool requires little water, and it weighs only fifteen pounds, making it easy to move around. Be careful where you place it to make sure that it does not get punctured in the process. During the seasons when it is too cold for swimming, you can quickly turn the swimming pool into a ball pit.

Manley Banzai Kids Splash Lagoon Pool

With this pool in the backyard, your child can relax in the hot weather or have fun playing with the slides. Either way, they get to have some relief from the high temperatures.

What’s hot about this pool - The durability of this kid pool is fantastic. Constructed with durable PVC, you get assured of years of excellent service. It comes with a three-ring design. The swimming pool has several air chambers, and as such, should you get a puncture in one of the compartments, you can have peace of mind knowing that the other compartments can handle the pressure.

Pros - The pool has impressive graphics that are sure to keep your child entertained as they splash about in the pool. You will have an easy time installing it in your backyard, and it is very spacious, allowing you to have several children in the pool at a go.

Intex Swim Center Pinwheel Inflatable Wading Pool

The playful patterns on the side of this kid pool are incredible, and they make the pool colorful. The bright edges make the pool appear to be bigger than it is. With an inflatable floor, the swimming pool is very comfortable, and you can take a dip with your kid in the scorching sun.

What’s hot about it - The pool comes with a fourteen gauge vinyl wall that is very durable, and it can hold two hundred and four gallons of water. The cleaning of this swimming pool is quite easy as it comes with a plug which you can use to drain water.

Pros - This swimming pool has a ninety-inch diameter which makes it great not just for your child but the whole family. You all get to take a dip in the cold water when the temperatures get unbearable.

Banzai Baby Sprinkles Splish Splash Water Park Sprinkling Activity Center

Your child can finally own a water park thanks to the invention of this swimming pool. With water slides, water sprays, dolphin rides and whale slides in this swimming pool, your child will have endless fun activities to choose from, and you can have them kept busy for hours on end. A rainbow canopy enables your child to seek shade when the sun gets too hot.

What’s hot about it - PVC is used in its construction, making it very durable. In addition to this, it comes with a repair patch which you can use to fix any punctures in the material.

Pros - This swimming pool is a great place to use to introduce your toddler to swimming. It provides a very relaxed atmosphere where your child can get accustomed to water while having fun. The set-up and take-down procedures take up a matter of minutes allowing you to spend more time playing with your child.

Intex Play Center Ocean 2 Swimming Pool

This pool, designed with an ocean theme, is bound to have your child shrieking with joy at its sight. It comes with a two-in-one design. One part of the pool serves as a small swimming pool while the other serves as a significant wading pool that has a water slide and palm tree. Your child will have lots of fun with this set-up.

What’s hot about it - The landing mat used in the pool has extra padding which enhances comfort and safety for your child. You can also control the flow of water by using the control valve.

Pros - Setting up this pool is very easy, and it comes with an instructions manual. Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great way to avoid those long trips to swim clubs, and you also get to keep your child busy during the summer. What’s more, you get to bond with them in the process.